Steam Repairs

Wasatch Railroad Contractors has a passion for steam locomotive repair and maintenance.

Our staff is experienced in inspecting, repairing, and maintaining steam locomotive boilers and steam locomotive mechanical systems.

Steam Locomotive Boiler Repairs

We hold credentials to perform “R” Stamp repairs to Code boilers according to the National Boiler Inspection Code.

Boiler sheets– as well as other boiler components– fail for a number of reasons, including old age, poor quality of materials, and lack of proper maintenance or operation. Boilers not in regular operational use (especially retired steam locomotives) are often subject to weathering elements and residue chemicals that will deteriorate the boiler’s integrity.

In nearly all cases, a boiler must operate under a specific set of standards to ensure safety. If the boiler does not meet those standards because of worn materials, repairs are mandatory before operation is allowed. In some cases, building a new boiler is more cost effective than repairing an old one.

Wasatch Railroad Contractors has performed a number of boiler rehabilitation projects for various steam locomotives both large and small.

Running and Valve Gear

After water is converted to steam, the steam is put to work and converted to motion on a locomotive. In order for efficient and reliable service, a locomotive must have well-maintained and mechanically reliable running gear and valve gear.

The different aspects of these systems included the wheels, the suspension system, all bearings, the pistons and cylinders, the drive rods, and all valve gear linkages.

Past projects have included:

  • Tramming (mechanical aligning) of rods, wheels, and valve gear;
  • Measuring load weight on axles, for identifying suspension issues;
  • Machining services to recondition or replace bearings and bushings.

Steam Locomotive Appliances

Individual steam locomotive appliances are every bit as important as the locomotive itself. If a lubricator doesn’t work properly, the running gear and drive system suffers expensive damages. Air compressors need to adequately supply the automatic brake system. Safety valves should reliably lift and seat at an appropriate pressure. We could go on and on…

WRC has the ability to service all steam locomotive appliances within our shop.